An apple a day.

As an ICU nurse, health and wellness is at the top of my priority list. To be honest, for my entire life, I have always valued the concept of a healthy lifestyle; from eating healthy and in moderation, to working out consistently and participating in physical activity. In my opinion, living a “healthy life” encompasses many different aspects, including physical, mental, and social well-being.

“Look good, feel good, do good.”

Am I right?

We live in America, land of the free, land of indulgence, land of gluttony. We have a problem here people, wouldn’t you agree?

Every shift, I care for patients who are at the worst moment in their life, and unfortunately, some of these individuals have caused the damage to themselves.

The decisions we make on a daily basis regarding our health, including our eating habits, drinking habits (guilty-oops!), and exercise/physical activity (or lack thereof) directly affect our body and our overall health status.

Now listen, I’m the first person to eat a donut if it’s offered to me. I’m not ashamed. If you are a person who can resist a delicious donut- more power to you! You, are an inspiration to all, my friend. It’s all about balance, people! Being healthy is not all or nothing. It about finding balance and being happy with yourself. Because honestly, isn’t that is what life is all about?

For the past six months I have been sitting on a career idea that I want so desperately to delve into. My passion is helping people- which is definitely why I went into nursing in the first place. In my years as a bedside ICU nurse, I have noticed a HUGE gap in our healthcare system. We are failing our patients. We are failing to provide them with adequate education in the community, which could minimize and potentially eliminate some hospitalizations. If we took all we knew about what causes heart disease, obesity, and diabetes type 2, and provided adequate information to our community, maybe, just maybe we could help a few of our patients. My goal would be to combine my knowledge with disease processes and assist people in their overall health. This is a dream, and hopefully one day I will make it my reality!

Until then…

I am going to begin a miniature health series on Bosak’s Greatest Adventure, discussing the different aspects of achieving a healthy life style. Stay tuned, and bear with me. While this is not a post on adventure per say, life is an adventure in itself. This is an important topic and I hope can help at least one reader!

xo, Chels.


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